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Hajj and Umrah

These rules must be read and understood before you participate in any of the classes. If you are confused about anything, please email with your question. The rules are applicable to everyone unless you have been explicitly informed of otherwise.

Rules regarding manners of the class

1. The name you enter when entering the class must be one that you can be identified with and that you will use consistently throughout.

2. No typing is permitted in the chat box except to ask a question, answer a question or inform Dr Khalid of something of vital importance.

3. Chatting between the students is not permitted. Please note that the administrator is able to view the private chat.

4. Any administrative issues should be addressed to the admin privately. This includes any problem with your sound or connection. This can be done by firstselecting admin from the drop-down menu below the chat box and then typing in the box. Please return your selection to 'all' after you have sent your message.

5. Your microphone should be disabled when you enter the class. To do this, simply click 'deny' when you are prompted for microphone access when you enter the class.

6. It is not permitted to leave the class without permission. If there is a reason why you need to leave at any point, ask Dr Khalid for permission by sending him a private message. You can do this by selecting 'yousey88' in the drop-down menu below the chat box and then typing your message. Please return your selection to 'all' after you have sent your message.

Rules regarding the class fee

Note: Rules 5 and 6 are not applicable if you have set up a standing order.

1. The fee for the class is £10 per class per calendar month. This fee is compulsory on all students taking part in the class except those who have contacted the admin or Dr Khalid and their fee has been discounted or waived.

2. If you are attending both the Fiqh and Tafsir classes, a discount of £5 applies and you only need pay £15 per calendar month for both classes.

3. It is your responsibility to inform me of when you have paid, this is particularly important if you pay by bank transfer as the reference you use may not always appear on my records.

4. Anything paid over the set fee will be considered as a donation unless you let me the admin otherwise. (i.e. if you pay double the fee, it will not be considered as a payment for 2 consecutive months unless you let me know that that is what you intended.)

5. You will receive two reminders from the admin with regards to the fee. The first reminder will be sent up to one week before you are next due. The second will be sent within the first fortnight of your fee due date.

6. Anyone who has to consistently be sent the second reminder without valid reason will receive a warning and may be asked to leave the class if this continues.

7. If the fee has been reduced or waived for you, and your situation changes, please inform us as soon as possible by email.

Any donations are as always, accepted and appreciated. If you are having trouble paying the fee, do not hesitate to contact the admin. The fee is only aimed at those who can afford to pay so as to facilitate Dr Khalid's teaching program. If you cannot afford to pay, the fee can be reduced or waived.

Rules regarding attendance and punctuality

1. The register will normally be taken within the first five minutes of the class, anyone who arrives after this time will be marked 'late'.

2. If you are late, please provide Dr Khalid with a brief explanation why using the private chat facility.

3. If you are persistently late without reason, you will first receive a warning and if the situation continues, you may be removed from the class.

4. If you are absent from a class, you should receive an email requesting the reason for your absence. It is necessary to respond to these emails.

5. If you are aware you are going to be absent, please make sure you let us know before hand.

6. If you are absent three times in a row without a valid reason, you will be warned and if the problem persists, you may be removed from the class.

7. If you are absent twice in a row and fail to explain your absences when requested, you will lose access to the Students' section of the website until this is rectified.

8. If you are absent five times in a row and fail to explain your absences when requested, you will be removed from the class completely and will need to register again after explaining your absences.

9. If you are late, absent or had connection problems during a class, you can request a recording here. The recordings are not to be stored or distributed. They should be deleted after you have listened to them.

10. No student is allowed to record the lessons.

11. If you wish to recommend someone else to the classes, please ask them to email stating their desire to join. You are not allowed to provide anyone with the link to the class.

Advice from Dr Khalid Khan on attendance and punctuality