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Hajj and Umrah

Fiqh of Hajj and 'Umrah

The following resources are available as a summary and revision tool but are in no way a complete guide on the performance of Hajj and 'Umrah. It is highly recommended that you attend a class on the fiqh of Hajj and/or 'Umrah before going to perform these important acts of worship.

If you would like to accompany Dr Khalid Khan on Hajj this year, please contact the travel agent, Hajj and Umrah Express, immediately. You can access their website here. Spaces are limited so please do not procrastinate.

Fiqh of 'Umrah

Click here to view a short presentation on the state of Ihraam and the rites that one must perform in 'Umrah. You should also view the document in the section below as there are several issues mentioned regarding the importance of 'umrah and visiting Madinah. Please note that flash is required to view the presentation.

Fiqh of Hajj

The description of the fiqh of Hajj is available in a printable pdf format. To download, please right-click on the downloadable link and select 'save link as':

Download fiqh of Hajj document (revised 2012)

Supplications for Hajj and 'Umrah

Please note that this has now been included at the end of the document on the fiqh of hajj. Please click on the link above to download.