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Hajj and Umrah

Dr Khalid Khan currently runs several classes, both online and in person. Please note that these classes normally break for Ramadhaan and Hajj due to Dr Khalid becoming very busy around these times.

Online Classes:

Dr Khalid will be starting a 3-month course on the Aqeedah (principles of faith) in the middle of October inshaAllah. To register, please email before the 17th of October 2015.

Dr Khalid Khan currently teaches an ongoing Fiqh class on Mondays and a Tafsir class on Wednesdays for those students who have attended a course previously. The classes are conducted over an online web conferencing application.

To find out more or join the classes, please email Please note that a broadband connection is required and there is a small monthly fee that may be reduced if you are unable to afford it.

Please note: by emailing us and indicating your intent to join a class you agree to be added to our mailing lists and receive emails to keep you up to date with changes and updates to class times etc.

Students Section

If you are already a student on the online classes and wish to access the students' section, please click here. You will need your username and password for access.

Classes in person:

Dr Khalid Khan currently teaches a class on adab (manners) on saturdays at Bait ul 'Aziz Islamic Centre. The classes are held in the late afternoon, normally after 5:30pm. The class is based on the book 'Ghidhaa ul albaab fi sharhi mandhumat il adaab' by Shaykh as Safaareeni, may Allah have mercy on him.

To find out more, please contact the website admin on